Valheim – How to Deal Mistlands Easy (Solo Mode)

Easy Guide to Beat Mistlands in Solo

I actually recommend a hybrid base camp. The entries into the Mistlands actually have the grassiest and flattest areas usually. Look for a entry field that is nice and grassy and use that as your field while your main base is in the sister biome. I found a plains biome with a nice Mistlands grassy area and 4 ygg roots right next to my base prospect. I can set up a lox herd, and general use farm while my Mistland farm has my magic shrooms or turnips. Keep the Mist low to the ground so the Gjalls cant see your base. They go for the torches in the first place so you can use them as an advanced warning if you see them disappear (get destroyed) in the Mist.

Inside the biome, just use a reclaimed dwarf tower, bait the dwarves out into a seeker swarm and keep the tower as intact as possible for a free base that is completely ignored by local mobs (as long as you keep all buildables out of sight inside).

Keep the dwarf wisp device intact for the best mist clearing possible. gjalls dont care about those and you can use them as a way point from a distance (you can see them from very far away in the mist).

Enemies are dangerous but not impossible, you cant make many mistakes but the new heals and potions come in handy. Using the black metal sword and shield parry will make quick work of the enemies, bonemass is a must to be agressive, health foods. And draugr fang bow with frost arrows kills everything if you just want to spam them. Hardest part for me was simply finding the mines in the first place.

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