Baldur’s Gate 3 – Breaking Yurgir’s Contract (Spoilers)

Warning! Breaking Yurgir’s Contract (Spoilers)

So, this entire thing will contain spoilers. You have been warned. Spoilers!

If you talk to the devil Yurgir and agree to break his contract (btw as a Warlock your patron will force you to say that you wanna help him) you’ll be expected to find the last person alive in there. Turns out, the rats are the last piece of the puzzle.


If you’ve already talked to the mice and agreed to let them live, they’ll disappear forever it seems. I’ve ran around the entire place multiple times, can’t find a single trace of them, even using minor illusion to steal Yurgirs umbral gem so you get past the big door. They’re not past it either. Looked at the bottom of the place at the effigy. They’re not there either.

This is a huge issue because I’m 23 hours into my playthrough and suddenly a choice relatively early in the dungeon has led to me failing the quest in a way that there’s no coming back from. There weren’t any hints or anything that this might be the case because I talked to Yurgir waaaay after I’d talked to the mice. I didn’t even have any save files within the dungeon anymore that was before I talked to the mice, I had to load a really old autosave from back in the tavern at about 21 hours in!

So yea, if you have any intention of helping Yurgir break his contract, don’t let the mice fool you. I’m literally having to replay 2-3 hours because of that one choice.

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