Valheim – How to Defeat Bonemass

Tips for Defeating Bonemass

You will need your iron armor and some frost potion to head into the Mountain biome and hunt 10 drakes. This gives you the frost glands for 200 frost arrows. Pick up obsidian while you are up there and craft the arrows back at base.

Accumulate between 2 and 3K stone. Fill in low spots around the sacrificial altar and then raise terrain walls to make an asymmetrical figure-8.

The altar is in the larger ellipse of the figure-8 and a narrow opening is there between the larger ellipse and a smaller one where you can use your frost arrows. The terrain fort keeps out other adds besides the ones Bonemass spews and nullifies his melee attack.

Don’t use iron armor for Bonemass if you can use lighter armor like Root (preferable) or Troll.

Two health and one stamina swamp food (sausage, black soup, etc.) and have plenty of poison potion even if you have the Root set.

Make the sacrifice and then jump through the gap of the figure-8 into your ellipse.

Frost arrows until Bonemass drops. Use iron mace or stagbreaker to break up blobs and skeletons that Bonemass spews.

Collect wishbone and the best Forsaken blessing in the game (so far).

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