Valheim – Plains Biome Tips

Biome Tips: Plains

  • Most straightforward biome in game. Neither easy, nor simple, straightforward.
  • Take bonemass buff and use it when danger goes up. For the rest you use the many skills/tricks learned on previous biomes.
  • For example you can sneak up on loxes like deer, then fight them like they are trolls.
  • You dig for tar like you dig the silver veins, etc etc.
  • One advice for having nice, chill time in Plains is to learn fighting mosquitoes in melee. Both hitting just before they fly up and parry/dodge. As soon as you dont need to scan horizon for danger all the time you’ll enjoy it more.

The Root chest piece will help keep you alive in your early plains ventures as 2 of the most troublesome common creatures (deathsquitos and javelin throwing fulings) do piercing damage.

When you come up against a village that has a fuling Shaman keep a fire resist mead going.

Always always get your next biome food upgrades and get your farming started right away. For plains you’ll have to get into a fueling village (sneak into the small villages) and steal both linen and flax seeds, get them planted, and let them expand typically while doing something else not in the plains.

(Side note: barley and flax only grow in the plains so you’ll have to at least have a farm in the plains even if you don’t want a full base there).

Lox have VERY poor senses, typically come in threes, and don’t require a taming pit at all. Gather some cloud berries, put your old troll armor set in your inventory and when you see a lox trio sneak around behind, put your troll set on, sneak close enough to touch them, and toss your cloud berries.

You can then just stay there in sneak mode and wait for them to tame (provided you don’t mind waiting that long doing nothing).

Once they are tame visit once a day with cloud berries, feed them, and wait for offspring to be conceived before moving on to the next task. Eventually you’ll have the entire area around your plains base filled with tame Lox.

Tame Lox will fight any creature except Lox in the plains. Some times you can just go around outside your base and pick up goodies that the Lox got for you. Lox heal once per day after eating. High damage time is night like in all other biomes so I always feed my Lox first thing in the morning.

For ranged weapons frost arrows are king in the plains especially when fighting things like berserkers. Don’t waste frost arrows on deathsquitos, wooden arrows can one shot them.

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