The Isle – Tips on Finding AI

How to Hunting AI

Migrations, afaik, have no effect.

I think where AI can spawn might be somewhat fixed, as in it doesnt just randomly spawn anywhere. But I´m also unsure of that.

My best advice is probably to keep playing to gain more knowledge of the map. It might also be advantagous to select somewhat popular spawnpoints (I.e. Northwest planes), since its more likely that you will be able to either find other juvie players to eat, or leftovers to scavange.

Scavanging also ties in with map knowledge. Once you get an idea of the areas most players frequent and the routes they take, finding food will become easier.

Also, don´t listen to nay sayers. If you are really not enjoying your time, sure, stop playing. But theres players that literally refuse to eat AI to challange themselves. If they somehow manage to do that (I can´t), then I´m sure your survival rate will go up over time as well.

In the end, this is a survival game, starvation is par for the course until you manage to overcome that hurdle.

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