Valheim – Mistlands: Starter Tips for Beginners

Mistlands Tips

I am in my first Valheim run and learnt the hard way I have to play it with maximum preparation, patience, caution.

But for mistlands, it was still not enough, I had to understand more things. I’ll try to share what I learned to have a good experience in this biome, this tips are for beginners like me.


Food is more important than ever, this is the first thing we can up really fast right after Yagluth and almost out of mistlands.

I first came to mistlands with Lox meat pie + Wolf skewer/Fish wraps/Serpent stew + Blood pudding. I switched as soon as possible to Honey glazed chicken, Misthare supreme, Mushroom omelette. Thanks to eggs and chickens we can easily supply two of the three best foods:

  • Even without automation, you can just have 1 or 2 pairs of hens you keep and feed for eggs in one cold place, and another warm place where you drop egg 1 by 1 to raise hens for meat.
  • From mistlands, get a few dozens Jotun puffs as your first priority, and then build fast a secured field in mistlands to multiply it.
  • The only difficulty is the third food, which require to hunt Hares in mistlands, and for this you have to be either a good shooter or a fast runner.


I was full padded level 4 when I entered mistlands for the first time but this is not the best. My stuff for this biome changed fast:

  • Root harnesk (pierce resistance) is the best solution to manage both seekers and ticks. Their damages will be lowered enough to not be a problem anymore.
  • Fire resistance barley wine is essential to fix the weakness of Root harnesk and also to lower gjall damages a lot, I just drink one each time I hear a gjall, even before I see it.
  • I also finally changed my pants to Fenris Leggings for a better mobility. Especially great to catch Hares I encounter, I also use a knife for 0 speed penalty.


  • Against seekers: Anything you like.
  • Against ticks: Aoe from a 2H weapon or just a bit of precision with any weapon + dodge roll to unattach them.
  • Against gjalls: Best arrows are Needle then Carapace. My bow skill is low (about 20), I switched to Arbalest (+ Carapace bolt) asap and it was a really great up because of the higher pierce damage (double damage from pierce on gjall underside), lower stamina consumption and better mobility once the arbalest is loaded.
  • Against soldiers: A good round shield + your favorite one hand weapon will be the best as long as you don’t fully master their pattern. The lowered armor from the changes I did on set is only a problem against soldiers, but in both case the shield is what work the best against them. When I tried two hands weapons, it turned into a disaster from time to time, shield is more reliable.


  • Just go back fast to home at night.
  • Keep your buffs up ! Always rested, don’t start anything if rest < 5 minutes, improve the comfort of your home to have the longest duration. Keep food > 10 minutes.
  • Don’t forget neither hesitate to use bonemass power in fights against group or against stared mobs, I always forget it and few time I died and regreted it … Be very careful in what you do once bonemass is in cooldown.
  • Don’t hesitate to run away and re-engage only in a good lay of the land: flat ground with space to move.
  • Soldiers often come with seekers, but soldiers can’t fly, you can climb to isolate seekers and kill them before the soldier.

Exploration and Mist Management

This especially changed my experience. Mist effect was a real pain until I started to do this:

  • I just stopped to use wisplight full time, back to megingjord most of the time. I only switch to wisplight to scout an area or for hard fights.
  • I go in mistlands with a full stack of wisp and a full stack of yggdrasil wood, and I put wisp torchs everywhere. A few steps in a fog and I build one torch, one by one.
  • During the day, I explore by lifting the mist, and I cut all the yggdrasil I find to maintain my stock.
  • During the night, I collect all the wisps I can to maintain my stock, while I tidy up, cook, prepare the next day.
  • To maximize the wisp collect from fountains, spread them (share the same max wisp limit of 3 if too close to each others)
  • Like this, can’t miss any infested mine and others points of interest anymore, monster don’t surprise me in my cleared areas, hares became very easy to hunt, and the mistlands feel a lot less hostile and blind like this. Slow but much more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • In mistlands, the most dangerous monster, the real threat is just the mist itself, but we can kill it with many little torchs everywhere.

Technologies Unlock

  • To steal my extractor, I built a workbench where I could as a landmark (= the nearest of dvergr zone, but out of it), push the dvergr one by one out of their structure, a little further than my workbench, and assassinate them. Like this, others Dvergr don’t turn hostiles while I kill them.
  • To unlock everything I can and I want asap, with my first 5 black cores, I build/destroy the 3 structures Black forge, Eitr refinery, Galdr table, switching between them. 15 black cores is just comfort.
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