Paper Lily – Chapter 1 – All Dead Ends Guide

Warning! This guide contains spoilers.

How to Get All Dead Ends

1-2: Salt Is for Cooking

Mess up the ritual, by being late to the bus or saying the wrong thing during the phone call.

Then clean up the ritual and go to sleep.

1-3: A Walk In The Dark

Walk out away into the darkness and get lost.

Available from Dream #2 and onwards.

1-4: Carried Away

Let the timer hit 0.

1-5: Become Snack

Buy some potato chips and eat them right there and now.

You cannot eat it later.

Cutscene after eating.

1-6: Ground Swallow Me Up

Get swallowed up by the Flower Ring without Scissors, or fail to provide Fish for the Fairy Ring.

1-7: Mortal Immortalised

Trigger the artist chase scene, then run away and exit their house West

1-8: Part of Your World

Kill the goldfish in Lakeside or put in the wrong algae or petal when trying to fix the faucet.

1-9: Doubt

After meeting Sai and beginning to explore, enter your prison cell room, and then escape through the vent. After a short while of exploring, return to the entrance to the room.

1-10: Sensory Overload

In the meeting area in the Facility, put on the cloak left on a chair.

1-11: Deep Sea Misadventure

You need to activate the Elevator and go to the floor B4

1-12: What’s at Stake

Burn them in the wrong Order.

1-13: Stuffed Animal

After escaping MK, return back into the facility until you meet a stuffed animal.

Note: You need to Drain the Waters.

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