Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Beat Ranged Enemies

From a design perspective, they only exist to punish for bad positioning and awareness. So if you struggle with them, that’s what you must improve.

Ranged Enemies Tips

Darktide is a skill based game however, how you play and what you do is far more important than gear or even levels, even if it all matters in the end. So you have to improve as a player if you want to do better. The good news is, even a little improvement will make a massive difference.

Here’s a few tips:

Look before leaping

  • If it’s an open ground full of ranged, don’t run in there just to die.
  • Instead, take them out using corners and cover just a few at a time.
  • If you have a melee, either focus on covering your team’s ranged so they can deal with it (while fighting from cover yourself), or plan a route that lets you take them on just a few at a time
  • Ults and nades etc. all help and can buy you time to get closer before getting peppered down.

Always approach from sides, not center

  • Treat wide open spaces with special care and never wander through the middle if you can help it. Even if it looks clear, there could be enemies you didn’t notice, and even if there really were none, they can spawn anywhere at any time.
  • Same thing with corridor maps. Why go through the middle where enemies can be front, left and right, when you could instead go via the sides where they can only come from one direction? So try to always position in a way where the enemy can approach you from as few directions as possible.
  • Always pay attention to potential cover positions, in case you need to get there fast.

Prioritize survival before damage

  • If your toughness gets low or broken, pull back to cover and let it recharge.
  • You can even deal with the melee enemies or help teammates while you do, boosting that regen and making you useful both at the same time.

Fight smart

  • If there’s too many enemies, just pull back and let them come to you instead.
  • If you hear boss music or there’s a DH around, it’s especially important to not aggro extra.
  • Always use choke points if you can, no point fighting an enemy 360 degrees around you, or even 180, when you can just pull back to a doorway and funnel them all into a nice kill box
  • Darktide is as much or more about tactics as it is about just basic FPS point & click skills. But that should get you started!
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