Baldur’s Gate 3 – Tips for a Tank Companion

Tank Companion Tips

Barbarian with Wildheart subclass and Bear Heart takes half damage on everything (other than psychic, IIRC?) when raging and has the highest basic hit point pool in the game.

A Fighter with heavy armour, a shield and right fighting style will reach way higher AC, however, making them harder to hit.

Then there are some Feats you might look into, such as Sentinel or Polearm Master that can help with preventing enemies from running past you.

But as a curveball choice you could even consider tanking as a Circle of the Moon Druid, whose wildshapes have their own hit point pools, and your “main form” doesn’t take damage until the wild shape is out of hit points.

Wouldn’t necessarily recommend that last option, however, because they will get hit so so much.

I hope this will be helpful.

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