Remnant 2 – General Tips for New Players

Due to its randomized elements, difficult monsters and biomes, and plenty of riddles, the Remnant series has a lot to teach and a lot you might miss when you’re just starting out.

Beginners Tips

  • So this game (like the first) has many status effect. They’re usually tied to enemy types. For example, Root Rot is caused by Root enemies (the tree looking ones) while robots cause Overload (a shock area of effect basically). And They’re color coded. Root Rot has a yellow meter on screen and yellow letter on descriptions.
  • All status effects have a corresponding consumable that you can buy in town or find around (in limited quantities). The consumable also increases your resistance to the effect. They all build up (=fill a meter, meter gets full, you get the status effect). Resistance comes from gear (mainly armor) and consumables and give you a bigger meter to fill, so it takes longer to get the status effect
  • Root Rot you usually get from stepping on Red clouds from some enemies (think like a gas grenade). Other can be in puddles on the floor. You’ll learn to identify where not to step.
  • Bleed does damage over time (I think, it’s not like Elden Ring) and can be cured with Bandages. I believe on armor resistance to Bleed is represented by a Red Blood Drop. It’s a good idea if you have multiple armor pieces to increase the resistance to Bleed, for example, if you’re facing lots of enemies that cause Bleed
  • This game is more forgiving than Elden Ring. You don’t loose anything on death (money, xp or gear durability). So it’s good to keep a ‘I’m expendable’ attitude. Usually in a new area/dungeon I’ll see how far I can go before dying, noting alternate paths to explore if I die, learning enemy placements on the way
  • Consumables feel expensive at the start of the game so I only heal with my Dragon Heart and save the healing consumable for bosses
  • There’s someone in town who can increase the number of charges of your Dragon Heart. Expensive but not too much. You’ll need luminite crystals that are dropped by elite enemies (and are also used to craft weapon mods/upgrade weapons)
  • You can only upgrade weapons, armor stay the same always. Try to keep your 3 weapons (big gun, small gun, melee) on the same level. Melee is less important (unless you play challenger), but it should not be neglected
  • Melee combat is pretty simple. No block or parry. There’s combos (chains of attacks) and charged attacks which vary (an axe will have a double swing, a spear will have a lunge)
  • Practice neutral dodging. Just dodge without movement input (like Rolling forward). It’s quicker than a roll, uses less stamina, easier to counter attack. Some enemies have sequential attacks that make neutral dodging tricky, but it’s worth practicing
  • You can interrupt Root Rot coughing animation by neutral dodging. Good if you’re surrounded with no time to cure with a consumable. Normal rolls also work, but waste more time/stamina.
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