Remnant 2 – How to Defeat The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver Fight Tips

Use the M60 put flaming ammo mod on it, I used the hunter and challenger use the hunter second skill and challenger final skill.

Buff up as you enter the door Aim, make sure to wait the 1s then melt her, in a couple seconds she will try to summon minions focus on the crystal heart in her chest total kill time on normal is about 8-10s.

Second stage is the roughest key points is always double roll when she attacks because she 100% of the time follows up with a devastating knock down and life leach does about 115 damage seems to ignore armor.

Her weak point is available when summoning but she tends to run around a lot before. So I just sat in the main lobby it has the most room to maneuver.

Use the minions as a safe time to heal and reload. summons 4-5 minions and attacks within seconds of the last dying usually from a wall but sometimes from the floor.

If you are wanting the melee weapon know that she restores her heart if she life leaches you.

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  1. I beat her by using the dog and summons since she never bothers to attack them, I would just run away while my summons killed her and I would get a shot in here and there until she was dead. Phase 2 I did the same thing but kept to the center of the entry room and blasted her where I could. Still a hard fight, but much easier when you have summons doing dps while you can just focus defense.

  2. Killed on fourth try relatively easily with just two people, stay off the walls.

    We chose the downstairs main hall as our arena fighting there- chasing the boss whenever it spawned the bugs then went back down to avoid oneshot mechanics, the first phase is easy.

    Beyond the oneshot mechanic the boss isnt hard really, there’s way harder bosses in this game that look like discoballs when they attack.

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