Remnant 2 – How to Defeat Spectral Guardian of N’Erud

Spectral Guardian of N’Erud Tips

Beat this boss solo as Nerud with my first zone, so maybe his stats werent inflated if I was to encounter him later.

The best way I found to fight him was to roll less, as it consumes so much stamina. The delayed laser pulses can be walked out of without sprinting, the giant hands that pop out of the ground can be walked away from by just moving, and the orbs that come from the floor just require constant movement to avoid.

The laser beam hands can be timed to roll through, specifically the ones that sweep the arena can be rolled through while the others that just target you directly can either be sprinted past or side stepped by consistent movement, relative to where they are pointing. The black hole hand is super easy to dodge, 1 roll when you hear him charging the attack is enough to get you clear.

Consistent movement and spatial awareness made it managable, nothing is particularly dangerous as most attacks have a long delay that can be reacted to. The only part that consistently chipped me was the quick shots by the small orbs, but most of those can be dodge rolled.

Just unload on the Orb when he goes for the black hole, focus the rest of the fight on dodging. Dont over commit to chipping him down. If you arent critting the orb you are wasting ammo and stamina dodging and weaving to only get a couple shots off.

Also I was a Gunslinger, the quick draw ability output a ton of damage every time he would Black Hole.

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  1. Yeah, boss got me tilted until I learned the patterns…which was still not rewarding as the amount of projectiles can stun lock you into getting wombo’d when the lights go off.

    Really just need to run around the arena when it goes dark. You will avoid the pillar lasers and the fists. The third fist will be the orb on your vicinity. You can just walk back and shot the orb if you avoid the impact, rolling every little bit to avoid the dot.

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