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Gameplay Tips

UI scale shoud have finer steps for adjusting, 1.0 is too small and on 1.25 TOP TAB is partially under TOP/RIGHT tab, so info about population is hidden under TOP/RIGHT tab. Im using resolution 1920×1080.

Controls remaping should be very very usefull and must have! WASD for map moving should be must nowadays.

Edge scrolling speed adjustment for keyboard and mouse. Edge scrolling is too fast with mouse and too slow for keyboard. Also mouse edge scroll disabling option.

Minimize all tabs option, since 80% of gameplay time (for players that build economy) is opening and closing tabs. Constantly aiming with mouse for “minimize icon” all the time is very exhausting. ESC button should be set for close all tabs instead go to system menu (or TAB button also could be used).

Date format style option! Many of your players are non-americans so this could be helpful. We in Europe use 25.12.2023 style date…..and Dec/25/2023 is not really quick-catchy. I have to pause and think what date is when I recalculate in my head.

Please add SHIFT CLICK along with CTRL CLICK, when selecting units from tab. CTRL selects one by one, and You should implement SHIFT to select from first to last option. Sometimes You want to select 30 units from list and you have to click 30 times with CTRL CLICK and its exhausting. SHIFT click first to last would help with that sort of stuff.

Could You implement map country color change along with rename and flag change option.

Lock/unlock all resources from minister with SHIFT click. Now you have to CLICK every single resource to lock/unlock it every time. SHIFT CLICK on any resource to lock/unlock them would be helpful.

Tax Rates should have some sort of info for helping determining how much you could/should raise/lower taxes. Now its basically guessing game. I have to write with pencil on paper how much did I raise tax and does tax income raise or lower after that. I have to guess and monitor with numbers written on paper until I found sweet spot.

There should be at least SOME HELP or INFO on how many citizens are LOW INCOME, how many HIGH INCOME….etc. or some info where is sweet spot on how high could tax be before it goes plummeting down if its too high.

I like how you implemented on SOCIAL SPENDING tabs hover info about each spending tab what it does (this raises GDP, lowers birth rate, raises immigration…) Some help like that should be implemented on taxes also……because now it’s just guessing game until you find sweet spot. I like playing perfect economy and this is only thing that is annoying since I dont have any info about taxes, I have to play guessing game.

GRAPH for TAXES could reaaaaally help!!! On graph you could easily see if income from specific TAX group is going up or down after it has been adjusted.

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  1. hey, love your posts! I was wondering if you know – why would my trees and mountains all show up in flashing red instead of the normal green color. any ideas? thanks

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