Remnant 2 – Chicago Typewriter vs Ar-47

Chicago Typewriter vs Ar-47

Which is better for endgame?

It all depends on your playstyle and what mods and mutators are you slotting in, Chicago needs to be fired continuosly to make it accurate, in terms of damage per-second Chicago wins I guess, but the mod generation per-hit is low, AR-47 is the opposite and has a longer damage range drop off, AR-47 has more damage per shot, and generates mods better, but thats my opinion.

The Chicago Typwriter and the Bonesaw fit the same niche. One can overheat and has longer reloads, but bigger magazine capacity and more overall damage. The other can’t overheat, but has wider spread at the start, and has less magazine capacity, but faster reloads.

I consider both of these guns S tier because of their interactions with Lifesteal. They do high DPS, especially if you can hit weak points with them, and will outheal incoming damage if you’re not hit back to back in a short span of time. I can tank shots from enemies and just keep outputting damage to heal up the health I lose, and end up never using my relic for healing unless I’ve really ♥ up.

Shoutout to the Momentum mutator, that increases crit chance and crit damage for each crit, stacking up to 10 times. Amazing with rapid fire weapons like these two.

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