Palworld – Iron Farm Tips

Tips for Iron Farming

Digtoise are great if you Manually throw them at a node and let them farm. On Auto in base they do only seem to do the 1 point of damage, although rapidly, and they seem to eat a ton per work done.

Tombats work well in base as they can mine and carry (all night too). They attack slower but hit for 25-30ish points of damage each time, and they seem to use less food per chunk than the Dig. They are a rank 2 miner though and the Digtoise is a rank 3 .. i think that means they will have a hard time with coal+.

There are several great/good base locations with several iron nodes close together and on flat ground:

  • 63,-413 (Desolate Church) Iron nodes with a teleport near by.
  • 15,-525 iron and a view.
  • 315,-35 good iron with coal near by. *nearly raid proof
  • 189,-39 coal+iron together nearly raid proof
  • 187,-42 is a great spot for iron and coal

Place a Pal box near them in such a way that the nodes are within the blue base circle. build a storage, beds and a feed trough. add miners and transporters and your about done. ** you can add in a berry plantation and a Pal or 2 to maintain it Or you can make food elsewhere and keep the trough full. Baked Berries are quick and easy and provide a little San, but also far from the best.

And thats about it for a mining base.

My gameworld is a self hosted Multiplay singleplay game so even remote bases seem to keep working while im not there though there are still transport issues from time to time.

Note: If you decide to go the manual farm route, find 4 Broncherry. each one on your team increases your weight cap by 100 after you craft the saddle, and the 5 spot on your party is the Miner. The broncherry do not have to be active to gain the increased weight cap, merely on the roster.

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