Palworld – Save Scumming

Seems to Work for Farming Legendary Schematics, but It’s a Really Low Chance

So pretty simple concept:

  • Equip the Pal boss you want to butcher into the first slot
  • Find an open area and equip your butcher knife
  • Wait a minute then logout
  • Log back in and as soon as you can, throw the pal ball and butcher the pal
  • If the pal doesn’t drop the legendary schematic, force kill Steam and restart (If you simply logout, it saves)
  • If you wait too long or butcher a second pal, you lose your pal(s) forever!

The whole process takes less than a minute. Seems it worked for Palladius and Balazamut, but I cannot for the life of me get it to work for Frostallion and Jetragon.

I feel like the drop rate is higher than 3% for some of the bosses, and lower for others. Frostallion I have tried 50 times and nothing. Balazamut took about 5 save scums and Palladius took 3. Frostallion I have tried at least 35 times so far with no legendary helm.

Running Steam obviously, not sure if it will work on Xbox. I used to save scum in Craftopia to not be farming all day, and same game company, so I imagine it still works on Xbox. Not sure how to accomplish it, however.

Running on Linux with Proton Experimental.

Note: Just worked for Jetragon. Took 9 tries. Last one I gotto do is Frostallion. The other legendaries I didn’t care for so much. I’ve watched Frostallion die more than any other Pal.

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