Palworld – Egg Hatching Guide

Egg Hatching in Palworld

There are 7 things you need to know about eggs hatching in Palworld.

  1. You can find eggs in the wild or get them from breeding.
  2. Eggs come in three variants: regular, large, and huge, each having its own incubation speed.
  3. The incubation speed is affected by egg temperature preferences and world settings. Changing the world settings value to zero will make all eggs hatch instantly.
  4. There are nine egg types: common, rocky, damp, electric, verdant, scorching, frozen, dark, and dragon.
  5. Damp, frozen, and dark eggs prefer cold temperatures. Common, electric, and verdant eggs prefer warm temperatures and will hatch faster with a cheap campfire nearby. Rocky, scorching, and dragon eggs prefer a hot environment and will hatch the fastest way if you place an electric heater.
  6. Such a heater requires a fire pal and electricity to operate. A normal heater is worse and also requires a fire pal to operate, so use a campfire instead.
  7. Multiple heat sources do not stack; just use campfires, then an electric heater, and you’re good!

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