Baldur’s Gate 3 – Tips for Solo Honour Mode

This contains spoilers. I play as a bard main. I just lost my honor run at the Elder Brain in Act 3.

Solo Honour Mode Tips

I do:

  1. Nautloid – Shadowheart casts command & has the Cambien drop their sword. If the devil saves twice, move on unless you’re a cleric main for the intro and try two more times.

Recruit Shadowheart, Gale, Astarion.

  1. Temple – Convince guys outside to leave / kill everyone inside
  2. Recruit Lazel, convince Tieflings to leave
  3. Goblin Ambush – walk up ledge – kill them all
  4. Stop Aradin from leaving, defuse situation, convince Rolan to stay, let Auntie fuss over you, stop pick pocket from taking locket, stop Sazza from dying but leave her in the cave, discover hidden cave from prison room, save druid, take stones, kill goblins.
  5. Sell stuff, buy leather armor +1 or whatever upgrade. Skip children, cast speak with animals, talk to strange ox, recruit Wyll, talk to Dammon, talk to Arabella parents, talk to Volo, tell bear to move off elevator, go up – stop bugbear assassin, go down, confront Kagra.
  6. Save Arabella – go into office, picklock chest, learn of shadowdruids – talk to Nettie, take poison, speak with dead to drow, read but don’t take – halsin journals.
  7. Harpies – ensure fully rested – at least 2 people with silence or a way to stop the singing. If you silence on first round it will allow the child to disengage on the first round.
  8. Talk to Mol, donate to the cause, don’t steal the statue.
  9. Leave the grove, head to blighted village – resolve goblins anyway you want. I convince them to stand down, free the gnome, kill the sleeping bugbear, kill the rutting two or convince them to leave, explore the basement – get the bracers of defense for Gale after solving the mirror puzzle. I convince the ogres to fight for me – then head south into the swamp to explore and try and save Mayrina.
  10. I tried to save the two brothers, it’s not really possible. They aggro even if you heal them from the damage they take from stepping on traps.
  11. I explore this area first for exp to boost me to level 4 without entering the Hags house. Then I return and confront the Owlbear Cave
  12. Owlbear cave is a deadly encounter – with the mate needing to be taken care of. I silence on the first round and then direct all damage towards the mother first.

This will take you to level 4 – then I go face the spider matriarch and call the ogres if I will. Poison resist elix are a must and you must destroy the eggs before facing her. She will take fall damage if you burn the web from under her but she can’t fall into the pit.

Then head to the Hags lair. Poison resist is also a must, but so is magic missle, invis, jump, and feather fall. Hopefully you’ll be almost level 5 by this point. If not, clear the underdark.

I tend to kill the Bulette, cast animate dead on it, and then use it to tank, just don’t take it into the mushroom village.

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