Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – How to Recruit Rise

Shes not hard to get but man she blends in with that standard coat. Hope this helps!

Tips to Recruit Rise

You find Rise at the yellow pyramid area with a story related meeting and task before she opens a gate for you and then promptly goes about leaning on a wall.

She will be at a lower level standing near where one of the first Ronin can be found dancing.

She’ll have 2 tasks for you down there where she asks you to take pics of her with your phone.

Each time 3 should do, though after the first she will want action shots so you’ll have to follow her while taking photos.

If you are doing story for area at same time you’ll get a text from her when you’re about half way up.

You’ll find her on a platform near all the twisting grind spots wanting to take another photo but she wants your opinion on which background, you do this by interacting with an object to her left or right and then when shes there simply take 3 pics of her.

As a final task she’ll as you to tag a hard to reach spot that’s up another coil of grinding. Get that, talk to her and she’ll join.

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