Tips for Newcomers

Spend your credits. All of them. You see a piece you like? Buy and try. You don’t like? You sell it back for full price. Keep the ones you like and find useful, get rid of anything you don’t use. Unlike the previous games, interviews have revealed there is no fail state for running out of cash, unless the devs were lying.

Usually the weapons is the first thing you want to change, as the starter rifle tends to be quite “alright” or just “good enough” at the start. Don’t ever be afraid to try and experiment.

Older games had secret parts and weapons hidden on the maps, may be worth taking a peek around suspicious corners and so to find them.

Be open minded in terms of how you play and design your AC. Some Missions light Mechs tend to be better, some the more tanky ones. Reverse joint legs can jump high, quad legs can hover and so on. Experiment A LOT in the garage and dont brute force your way through it, it will only burn you out.

Learn and master your energy, a mech that only walks is, most of the time, a dead mech. Movement is the key and you gotta make sure you NEVER stand for more then a few seconds anywhere, best jet never stand still.

Each Weapon has its ups and downsides. Missiles are fire and forget but can be easily evaded. Energy Weapons pack the biggest punch but overheat quite fast (in older games they used your own energy as a resource). Ballistic weapons are good allrounders but need to be reloaded in the heat of battle quite often.

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