Escape Simulator – Emily Hartwood’s Study Map (Full Walkthrough)


Room #1

Where is the exit?

  • There is a hidden door behind that pach of blank wall in front of the desk
  • To open it you have to manage throu the upper cabinet on the right of the desk
  • To open the cabinet you need the key. It is in a hidden drawer next to the clock and behind the wall (You have to go with the clock puzzle to reveal and open it)
  • Inside the cabinet there is a 3 slot lock behind the book of Adam Smith
  • To open it you have to reveal the Adam Smith clue

What is the Adam Smith Clue?

  • There is a book of Adam Smith in the upper cabinet on the write of the desk
  • It have a dolar symbol. Perhapst it is related to money
  • There is a safe hidden in somewhere and a fact about Adam smith
  • The fact about Adam smith is about bundles of bills
  • There is three bundles in the safe. Each have a number. The order is from the smallest to the biggest bundle

Where is the safe?

  • The safe is behind the picture of the Lady to the left of the desk
  • To have access to it you have to raise the painting. There is a clue under the first carpet next to the entrance door
  • You have to push the button in the desk behind the ink bottle to raise the painting

Where is the safe key?

  • It is in the upper left drawer of the desk. It has something to do with music
  • The code of the drawer is inside the turntable. You have to find the appropiate disk and play it
  • The correct disk is Saint Saëns’ dance macabre. It is in the left cabinet under the desk –
  • To open it you need the key. It is in the drawer at the right of the desk
  • To open this last drawer you have to solve the drums clue
  • It is 442

What is the drums clue?

  • There is three drums to the left of the entrance door. Each have a number
  • You need the order of the drums. Down from where they are you can try any order. Notice that that isn’t a lock itself. Its purpose is for helping visualy with de number code of the desk
  • The correct order of the drums is in two places. One is the photo next to the tea service to the right of the desktop. For the another and more visualy example you have to go with the clock puzzle
  • It is middle, biggest and smallest
  • That leave the code 695 for the drawer

How I resolve the clock puzzle?

  • You have to set the hour and the clock weights in the correct position
  • For the hour there is another small clock in the room with the aproppiate hour. You can see it behind a glass, but you can access to it resolving the tea puzzle
  • For the clock weights there is a paper with its correct position in the left drawer of the desk, under the Vermis Mystherii
  • Once the wall was slipped there is a small table with a drawer. It contains the key of the upper cabinet in the right of the desk. There is also the correct order for the drums
  • To open it you have a clue in the photo next to the tea service
  • You have to put the small clock in the mark on the table

How I resolve the tea puzzle?

  • There is six holes in the middle of the desk. In the middle ones there is four cups of tea, each realted to a cultur and a country
  • There is a paper with the position of the cups and what are they related
  • Basically the coldest teas go in the upper holes of the six in the middle of the drawer and the hottest in the ones bellow
  • The softest in the left holes, the strongest in the right
  • The correct position, from left to write and from up to down is japanese, chinese, indian and arabic

Room #2

How I exit the room?

  • Obiusly you have to open the last door. It is to the right and have no windows in it
  • The key is in the table in the little room behind the door with windows. You need “The vermis mysterii” to optain it. There is a clue about it in the chest to the left of the door
  • You have to put the book on the pentacle

How do I enter in the little room with the table and the candles?

  • You need the keycard and the code for the door

How do I get the code for the door?

  • You have to go throu the birds puzzle to get the code

How I resolve the birds puzzle?

  • there are four stuffed birds in this room. They are the keys for another puzzle in the previows room
  • There is a exhibitor in the previous room. It have four marks with four birds inlaid in wood
  • To open it the key is in the cupboard of th second room. It is on the second self behind the dragon skull
  • The order of the birds is owl, crow looking to right, crow looking to left, eagle
  • The code is 2584

How I get the keycard for the door?

  • It is inside the small chest in the self to the left of the door. It needs two keys
  • For the first key you have to resolve the chess puzzle
  • The other is in the small train in the upper self of the cupboard

How I resolve the chest puzzle?

  • The clues are in the previows room. There is a showcase chest with four chess pieces
  • Under the showcase chest there is a drawer. It contains a note related to a cypher code, the Playfair cypher. Also there is a weblink that activates when the drawer opens
  • You have to apply the cypher to the chess pieces like says the wikipedia like there were letters
  • The Playfair cypher use the letters in pairs. You need to isolate two of the four chess pieces and apply the cypher
  • Both pieces form a rectangle. You have to mentaly bring the piece to the oposite vertix in the same row. E.G. applied to the kings it will bring the white king to C7 and the black king to F5
  • The clue for the identity of the pieces is in the second room. Near the kess game itselft
  • There is two books in one of the chairs…
  • The African Queen: black Queen
  • The nordic King: white King
  • White King to D7, Black Queen to F2

Where is the rest of the white chess pieces?

  • There are in the chest next to the world map
  • It needs a 5 number code. West and east frame the five numbers
  • The code is in the world map. There are numbers next to Mexico, Canada (Quebec), Morocco, Finland and Russia (the Bering strait)
  • 18427

Where is the rest of the black chess pieces?

  • There are in the canopic jar in the cupboard
  • Its code is related with the paintins
  • A clue is in the right cabinet under the desk in the previows room
  • There is a light switch to the right of the entrance door…
  • If you turn on the light the code is visible on the pictures
  • It is 521
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