Escape Simulator – The Addams Family Map (Full Walkthrough)

Map Walkthrough

Disable Fog

On one of the tables is the MAKE SHIFT fog machine. Simply click on it and the fog will disappear.

Double Finger Snap Machine

You can use this simple machine to make things happen in the room. You will see places to can put it on walls and objects in the form of a stone like the one its on when you first pick it up.

Wednesday Scrolling Lock Puzzle

In order to solve this puzzle you will need to find the DARTS inside of the drawer beneath the flashlight. Once you have all the darts if you examine them carefully you will see they have numbers on them. The only problem is you do not know the order. Looking around the room you will see a line on the floor where you would throw darts at a picture where there are bullseyes.

The darts will ONLY go into there correct slot. Once all darts are placed you can remove them one at a time from TOP to bottom for the clue (its also written on the paper below the picture). The darts give you the numbers: 2307. Go to the back of the family headstone and enter this code. When you do you should HEAR the sound of a drawer open. Under the darts picture a drawer has opened with the key to Wednesdays room inside. Grab the key and open up the door to Wednesdays bedroom. This is the location of the first key for THING.

Flashlight Illumination Puzzle

The flashlight has a button you can press to turn the beam on, If you click the button you can also rotate the flashlight. Position yourself to rotate the flashlight to bounce off of the mirror on a nearby desk. When you do it will illuminate numbers onto the family headstone. The numbers shown are: 29654. You will need these later on for the SLIDE EM UP AND DOWN PUZZLE.

Family Pictures Puzzle

I think it is safe to assume that you figured out how to activate the pictures moving puzzle. However if you did not then you need to take the snap twice machine and place it onto the stone on the wall underneath the pictures. This will cause the pictures to move revealing numbers behind the pictures. Now each of these pictures is represented in story on the MAIN family headstone. Its a riddle and the numbers should go in order: 4791 when you enter this code it will unlock the left side of the family headstone.

Slide Up Up An Down Puzzle (Make Sure to Do The Flashlight Puzzle First)

Since you already completed the flashlight puzzle you know the numbers 29654 on top of the headstone. You need to use the sliders to go onto those numbers in order. Make sure to let go of the slider before continuing to the next number. This will unlock the other side of the family headstone.

Grave Stones Lock Puzzle

On the desk with the crystal ball are two drawers. One on the right has a key for THING inside of it. The drawer on the left has a 3 number combination. In order to find this combination there is a liquor bottle with a very distinct gravestone pattern drawn on it. How many of each of those gravestones exist? 484 is the combination. Inside the drawer is a LOST postcard.

Golden Balls Puzzle (Final Thing Key)

You need to find the golden balls. They are in Wednesdays bedroom around the corner. Of the fence you will see a bowl full of golden balls small and large. Take all of them with you to the Family Headstone. Assuming you have already completed the other family headstone puzzles then this one should seem fairly simple. On the LOST or forgotten postcard there is a stamp telling you the order of the small and large golden balls. Put them in order. When you do the last THING key will be takeable from the headstone.

Snap Twice for Thing Key

There is one stone for the snap twice device that opens some cabinets beneath the dart board. Inside should be a key for thing.

Finishing The Room

You need all four thing keys. Go ahead and place all of them into one of the 4 slots. Then the cage opens. You free THING and the level ends! Congrats friends!

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