Deceive Inc. – Kills and Disguise Tips

Tips to Kills and Disguise

The high time to kill compounded with the Disguise giving you additional defense seems to go against the whole spy vs spy motif. If I catch someone in their disguise off guard they should take more damage not less… it doesn’t make any sense. They should be punished for being too obvious, but what happens is I shoot the first shot, revealing both of our disguises and they shoot me immediately afterwords so I don’t get the benefit of the disguise DR on that next shot.

This isn’t so bad in Solos, but in teams when you can identify a team of 3, being way too obvious, it’s basically never advantageous to engage first as you will get overrun by the team of 3 unless all three of your team shoot basically simultaneously. Being down a man (or trying to play Duos) you can basically never win a “fair” teamfight where you got the advantage by shooting their disguises first.

Don’t forget you don’t also necessarily have to take the first shot at someone while they are disguised. There are ways to break spies covers with gadgets and abilities. It’s not always ideal to shoot a player that is under cover. This is not a pew pew only game. Using mind games, traps, ambushes, abilities, and gadgets go a long way.

Heck sometimes even when you start a fire fight, it’s not always ideal to stick around for the entire fight. Sometimes you dip and live to mess with players another day. Sometimes I do things that trigger folks to fight and I stay out of it. This is one of those games that has so many more options and approaches other than just shoot people. If all game play was just geared towards downing people quickly while out of disguise, it would leave all the other fun stuff in gameplay without much use.

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