Escape Simulator – Kidnapped: Part 1 Map (Full Walkthrough)

Map Walkthrough

  • The Power; Find the “Upside Down Compass” painting and move it, under it reveals a code for the power. The code must be flipped, as indicated by the upside down compass.
  • The White Board; Look outside the room you are in, you will notice a white board. This code corresponds with the “Moon” box inside the room. The code is 1,3,6,4,2,5,7.
  • The Laser; Take the laser and point it at the mirror outside the room. This will burn the rope and drop the key. Now, use the umbrella to drag the key toward yourself.
  • The Key; Use the key on the cabinet inside the room. The cabinet will give you a “TV Cable”; plug the TV in.
  • The TV; The cable will turn the TV on and open the drawer. The drawer gives the player a wrench and a CUBE LETTER. The TV shows an image of the water valve on the ceiling. Opening the valve fully will drop a CUBE LETTER.
  • Spelling HELP; The final cube is located under a bucket on the shelf. Use the cubes you have gathered to spell HELP. This will give you a CROWBAR. Use the crowbar on the planks blocking the door.
  • The Board Game; The black board gives hints on how to play. The simple solution is pressing the gears in this motion, STARTING FROM THE RIGHT; Press, Press, Press, Skip, Press. Solving the game will give you a MAGNIFYING GLASS; use this on the painting in the room.
  • The Suitcase; The code for the suitcase is 8,3,7. Opening the suitcase will give the player a key for the “Axe Door”. Use the key!
  • The Memory; After using the key, you will be teleported into a memory. Reach through the window and grab the note. The note says the key is hidden “where the brown grass grows”. Find the shovel on the left side of the house; dig for the key. Don’t forget the PLUNGER located in the outhouse.
  • Enter the Cabin; Begin by using the PLUNGER on the clogged sink. Take the key from the sink. Use the key on the cabinet. Take the book from the cabinet.
  • “The Bones”; Play the jingle as listed on the piece of paper taken from the music book. Grab the paper that says ‘Warm ME’. Obtain a lighter from knocking down the box with the BROOM directly above the bones; light the candle. Place the paper above the flame to reveal the code. Insert the code into the lock. Grab the FISH PAINTING from the drawer. Exit the cabin.
  • Enter the Room; Now, enter the room and place the FISH PAINTING amongst the other paintings. Use the SCREW DRIVER, found inside the red toolbox, to unscrew the board blocking the locker. Inside the locker is a poem that decrypts the paintings’ orders. Also, move the painting in the room to reveal where NORTH is. THE SUN ONLY INDICATES DAYTIME, NOT EAST.
  • “DO NOT ENTER”; Use the BOLT CUTTERS you obtained from the locked box, cut the chains on the do not enter door. Mr. Mouse needs cheese! Find the cheese under the pallet in the previous room (the room where you found the poem) and give it to the mouse! The mouse will give you a key to open the medicine cabinet. Inside is a TINY KEY FOR A TINY DOOR. The tiny door is located on the bookshelf.
  • Welcome; After the door opens, walk right and grab the BOOK KEY (lore located next to the key). Enter the maze!
  • The Maze; Start by opening the chest and grab the clock drawing hint. Find the clocks on the shelf and begin the puzzle (2 clocks are covered by buckets). The code, from LEFT to RIGHT is; 3:00. 7:10, and 5:15. Pull the lever! (Pull it again if you already pulled it and it didn’t work the first time). Open the vault door.
  • Books are Key; Round the corner from the vault is a picture showing the code of the books, the books are in aerial view. The code for the books, from LEFT to RIGHT is; Out, in, out, in, in, out, out. Take the key from the cage. Use the key on the prison door around the corner.
  • The Torch; Use the fallen torch on the spider-webs blocking your path.
  • The Locked Door; The door is locked by 3 metal bars, find the code by sliding the books aside on the shelf; decrypt the code by moving the wood plank leaning on the shelf. The code is 6,8,3. Obtain the SKULL from the room.

The Three Birds; Find the 3 birds to unlock the GREEN SUMMONING KEY.

  • The Crow; The crow is found on the shelf inside the very same room.
  • The Owl; Use the ALMONDS on the dish, the owl will show up.
  • The Hawk; Use the code 7,1,9, on the combo lock, turn the painting.

The Other 2 Summoning Keys;

  • The Blue Summoning Key; The blue summoning key is found by knocking down the jar on the shelf (same shelf that you had to slide the books on).
  • The Red Summoning Key; The red summoning key is found on the ground near the skeleton.

Summon the Vase Statues; The mushroom colors near the pedestals indicate which key is required.

  • Red Vase; The red Vase is located near the skeleton (next to where the RED SUMMONING KEY was obtained).
  • Green Vase; The green Vase is located in the same room the GREEN SUMMONING KEY was obtained.
  • Blue Vase; The blue Vase is located next to the door where the TORCH was obtained.

Obtaining the 3 Skulls; The red and yellow skulls have already been dyed and are hidden amongst the map.

  • Red Skull Location; Inside the VASE near the cauldron room.
  • Yellow Skull Location; On the bookshelf in the locked room.
  • Green Skull; Must be dyed by following the steps on the blackboard. Take the GREEN TEA LEAVES from the bowl inside the cauldron room. The bone is found on the ground next to the skeleton; Crush it in the bowl to make BONE DUST. Combine these 2 ingredients into the cauldron and then place the SKULL inside to dye it green.

Placing the Skulls; The required keys are identified by their locks located on the door inside the GREEN VASE STATUE room. You need a ORANGE, PURPLE, and GREEN key.

  • Red Skull; placed in the Blue Vase Statue; This yields the PURPLE KEY
  • Yellow Skull; placed in the Red Vase Statue; This yields the ORANGE KEY
  • Green Skull; placed in the Green Vase Statue; This yields the GREEN KEY

Leave; Place the keys in their respective locks. For colorblind players, ORANGE KEY – TOP LEFT, PURPLE KEY – TOP RIGHT, GREEN KEY – BOTTOM. Doing this will open the door and return the player to the main chamber. The book shelf will move. Quick! Exit before he finds you!

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