Baldur’s Gate 3 – Steelwatch Boss Fight Tips

Disable Steel Watch Fight Tips

It is one of those areas where you need to keep your fights contained.

For example, when you go down the stairs in the room with the blind Gondian (I forgot his name), it is crucial that you do not let the first fight spill too far to the left. There is another group of enemies which you can keep in the dark and avoid during that encounter. Only their steelwatch will eventually crash the party, but it is only one and can be dealt with.

When you already are at the fight with the steelwatch boss ( the “spider” thingy), concentrate on hitting it, ignore the others and stay highly mobile.

Even when it is in defense mode, you can break its defense, preventing it from healing up too much. Just stay clear of its AOE. It’s nasty.

Alternatively casting something like “Hunger of Hadar” (which blinds, slows and gives tick damage) on it, turned out for me to limit it extremely, and it barely being able to do any meaningful actions. In that case you can take out the other steelwatch first and then gank it.

Anyhow… I think you need either the Ironhand bomb or the blind Gondian helping you in order to be able to disable the steelwatch via the panel after the fight. I haven’t tried using the machine panel on my own so far.

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