Baldur’s Gate 3 – Necromancer Tips

Here’s my advice for necromancer.

Tips for Necromancer

  • Use the zombie for horde of weaker mob, when a zombie kill a creature they turn it into a zombie too, so you can have a horde of zombie.
  • Use skeleton archer for most of the time, they are simple yet very effective archer adding more range damage and keeping them safe from harm.
  • You can pickup corps and keep them in your inventory, so when you need to do animate dead just drop them and cast the spell.
  • When using horde of undead, use heavy aoe cc spell like stinking cloud, your undead minion are immune.
  • Casting a higher lv of animate dead let you summon stronger undead like flying ghoul.
  • There is many item in the game that can boost your undead/summon making them stronger or more resistant or item that fit the necromancy playstyle.
  • In DnD necromancy is just one of many school of magic so you are specialise in it yes but in the end you are still a wizard so dont focus only on necromancy.
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