Baldur’s Gate 3 – Perfect Sorcadin

How-To: Perfect Sorcadin

2/10 Pala/Sorc has the best smites, but can run into two problems.

  1. It doesn’t have constitution saving throw proficiency unless you start as a sorc. If you start as a sorc you don’t get all of the armor proficiencies that paladin gets. Constitution saving throw proficiency is important because it determines your ability to continue concentrating on a spell after getting hit.
  2. It will either lack the strength to hit things very consistently or the charisma to make your disabling spells stick. You are splitting your ability points, and one of them will suffer. You won’t be able to count on landing hold monster with a 16 charisma. Your cone of cold and cloud kill may only do half damage. Your telekinesis will probably be ignored. And you only get two feats to improve attributes to try to make it work.

It also does not have an extra attack. That means you would miss two attack chances every round when hasted.

6/6 Pala/Sorc is really about making your character more resilient. Aura of protection means you rarely are going to get blinded, slowed, confused, or charmed. It can also save half the damage from a fireball, for you, AND your fighter buddy. You give up one tier 4 spell, but that’s all you are giving up from level 7 sorc.

I kind of think that upcasting smites is a bit of a meme at this point. People make some fun youtube vids of a smite doing hundreds of damage to a boss with a single hit and don’t talk about using the damage multiplying abilities in the game. ANY ability will hit like a truck when it is doing 4x normal damage. And smite isn’t even the best thing to go all in with either.

Did you know you can kill Balthazar in one round with a fully specced and prepped eldritch blast build? That’s a pretty good meme that doesn’t even require spell slots (just metamagic, haste, illithid powers, late game equipment, a specific multiclass combination, and setting up in the turns before that by holding Balthazar and applying hex).

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