Baldur’s Gate 3 – Gameplay Recommendations for Noobs

Beginner Gameplay Tips

So, here are my recommendations (you may already be doing some these):

After playing for a while, START OVER. Things will go SO much more smoothly now that you know some of the basics of strategy and tactics. Play on Explorer mode.

Prepare a balanced party FIRST before you go into major combat. Here are the Companions you should recruit first. They take little or no combat to get:

  • Lae’zel FIghter
  • Gale Wizard
  • Astarion Rogue
  • Shadowheart Cleric

You should select one of those above roles for your character (I recommend Wizard). Then when you reach the final Companion to recruit (you can only have 4 in the party) send the duplicate to camp and recruit the final one.

When you have Withers in camp and the gold, respec your characters specializations:

  • Fighter to Battle Master
  • Rogue to Thief
  • Cleric to Life
  • Wizard to Evocation School

Whichever you choose for your class, start that way.

For your FIRST Feat, take ‘Alert’. Yes, other folks might recommend Ability or some other one, but it is a total game changer to be able to FIRST every single time.

Don’t jump into major fights early in the game. You want have a full setup before going hard in the game. EXPLORE. You get EXP for exploring. Talk to everyone. Read every book. Take what you can (but don’t steal RED stuff) and send it to camp to sell when you reach a vendor.

Quicksave often. Watch out for when the game Autosaves on its own. That means there is probably something important coming soon. Like a big fight. I have my Quicksaves and Autosaves limited to 3 each. I Manual Save at important points, like after a big fight or right before a major area.

Make sure you are using Armor and Weapons you are Proficient in. Otherwise, severe penalties are applied!

Have Fun and don’t sweat the small stuff!

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