Baldur’s Gate 3 – Fighting Tips

Tips to Fight

Have at least one member of your party who can “tank,” with a good armor class. Fighters and Clerics are probably the best for this. You can give them good armor, maybe a shield, and make it so that they are less likely to be hit. You also can buff with a cleric or other characters to increase the survivability of your guys (like with Bless – which helps a lot with your attack rolls and saving throw rolls (to reduce or avoid effects) from things like spells).

Enemies with 24 hp shouldn’t be doing 31 damage reliably unless you got hit with a critical or something very unlucky. One thing that can make enemies hit you more with critical hits is if you get hit by something like “hold person” – later on you get things like Freedom of Movement as a spell, but you can improve your ability to “avoid” that kind of spell or effect by using items or spells or elixirs and such that boost your chances. So read your item descriptions and character skills a bit more to see what works well.

Examine enemies for their weaknesses, strengths, damage resistances, and so on. Some enemies are immune to or at least resistant to some kinds of damage, and knowing what enemies are weak to makes it a lot easier to deal with them and deal more damage.

Use your characters to their strengths. Use Rogues for example with sneak attacks – meaning you attack enemies when you have advantage. You can get that by flanking them with another character in melee, shooting from stealth, shooting enemies that are held in place, and so on. Or use Rage and Power Attack with Barbarians against the right enemies, or use your Action Surge as the Fighters, or so on. Attack enemies that have lower defensive stats first (like archers) first.

On “Balanced” (which I play on) some fights actually can be quite challenging, because usually you are going to be outnumbered in most fights. But you have the advantage of preparation time and being able to tailor the build of your characters to be more effective. Once you play more and get more used to the mechanics, you can eventually do a lot more damage and avoid a lot more of it as well.

If you aren’t playing on the Story (“easy”) difficulty level, maybe lower it until you get more used to things. If you already are, then I recommend maybe asking for more specific advice based on your party members and who are you fighting. People could suggest you “optimal party compositions” for example, or help you to avoid specific problems, but the game has a lot of types of enemies and special abilities and the like so specific details would help.

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