ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the Sea Spider Boss

Sea Spider Boss Tips

Sea Spider is all about max stagger. You want cannons, bazookas, etc. Don’t worry about fire rate because you’re gonna chunk his health once staggered, it’s all about getting a stagger in as few hits as possible. Couple of tips:

Phase #1

  • He has plenty of vertical attacks but not many do much damage apart from his melee and huge cannon. That huge cannon is bad at tracking you if you stay above him. His melee is only effective if you hover in front of him or get caught on the ground.

Phase #2

  • He’s much easier to deal with if you stay under him. It’s possible to boost in close enough that he can’t get the cannon aimed on you and his melee can hit behind you. 3) Phase 2’s increased firepower pretty much turns it into a DPS race. You won’t have trouble hitting him and he won’t have much trouble hitting you for chip damage almost constantly so keep an eye on your health, heal early, and keep the fast staggers coming.

If you run out of handheld ammo and have to purge weapons it’s time to go aggressive. Use the assault boost kick to start the combo then follow up with attacks from both arms for max stagger.

His huge laser cannon fires 2 shots and can eat you alive, especially if he follows up fast. It has trouble tracking you though so it’s most effective at range. Assault boosting over him or learning the timing on the first shot can drastically increase your chances of dodging the second. That said, he also appears to have trouble tracking you vertically because I’ve dodged the second shot by just lazily falling out of the air multiple times but not sure what allows that to happen. I think his gun locks in place a split second before firing the red laser.

Last: You can stagger him before he can even act. Just open up on him as soon as he hits the ground and you can start the fight with a large advantage.

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  1. like with balteus, after enough failures i had to resort to being super aggressive and that build seemed to work out with two shotguns.
    just the second phase involved being mid air a lot to be in range for max effect.

    also like the other poster said, i did need to be wary of not being near a wall.

    seemed fine, i noticed dodging lasers was easier when youre close and strafing. though had to learn the timing for his double laser and guess dodge.

  2. Boss was tough until I learned you can use cannons to stay above the boss and fire down on it… with 2 cannons and the back grenade launchers you can fly above the boss until phase 2 and take it down in under 7 minutes… worst boss next to the one you can melt with 2 bubble blowers and clear in 2 minutes :\ like the AC fights are super fun but these bosses feel meh in comparison.

  3. I found this fight more enjoyable than Balteus for sure, even though it was hard as balls and took me a full day to figure out. Ultimately I went with dual plasma rifles, dual laser cannon shoulders, arms with best accuracy, abbot FCS, the only generator that could power all that, the core I found from the smart cleaner level, heavy biped legs and heavy head, OS tuning with 3 ranks in energy output, 1 in stagger dmg and 1 in assault armor

    and then I just got gud with dodging strategies and tried to DPS/Stagger race the mf

    it worked out and I got him before he went full carnival rave mode that was killing all my previous attempts.

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