The Watchtower Boss Tips

To beat him is running two artillery with a single shot plasma rifle and the stronger version of the melee weapon.

With this you’ll manage to break his blue shield and focus on using your melee weapon to do massive stagger damage while raining him with artillery and well time plasma shots to keep stunning him over and over to get him to his second stage.

Once You’ve reach his second stage you’ll need to wait till he does his two to three flame melee attack combo and then went into for a melee attack to deal massive damage to his shield all while firing artillery at him.

Once you managed to break his shield rinse and repeat step 1.

Keep in mind this is very luck based as you can get unlucky with artillery shots or just have your shots miss because of how fast he is.

There also the chance he shoots you with his one shot riffle when you try to engage which can easily stagger you depending on the gear.

I personally think the key thing is though is play aggressive, you cant let him keep you on the back foot as with all the rockets he has you wont be able to dodge them all.

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