ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the End of Chapter 1 Boss

End of Chapter 1 Boss Fight Tips

When he’s using his flame thrower attacks he moves forward and doesn’t turn. Dodge forward and come about to punish him.

I don’t know if it’s the best strat, but I found it was easier to stay in melee range. I used dual pulse weapons (don’t recall what they’re called, but they’re good against pulse shields) the pulse blade and an 8x vertical missile launcher.

I focused on dodging and hammering away at his shields, then when he was about to posture break I fired my missiles, finished off the shields and switched to melee. If you do it right, the missiles will hit about the same time as you’re slicing him up, then you can launch another volley of missiles not long after your melee and then switch to dual pulse guns and mag dump while your blade cools. You may or may not be able to melee again before he peaces out, but he usually backs up and you can assault kick towards him. (this is mostly for phase 1, his pattern changed a bit for 2)

The missile swarms I found easiest to dodge by just staying on the ground. They’ll re-track if they don’t impact something, so if you stay on the ground their trajectory often ends with them slamming into the ground if they miss. But you have to be careful because it’s dangerous to be on the ground with his grenade launcher, (and then latter the napalm bombs/fire) it would stagger long enough for the missile swarms to mess me up. I solved this particular conundrum by using reverse joint legs. I could immediately hop up, dodge the missiles and rapidly get away from the ground.

For the strat I used you’ll want the weapon bay upgrade to be able to have melee and dual pulse guns.


  1. That’s the one with the multi-missile launcher right? I had at him two pulse shield breakers and on arms a sword and a grenade launcher or bazooka. Break shield with the two pulse guns, then swap weapons, stagger with bazooka, assault-boost kick, sword, back off. Dodge up and to the right or left to avoid the downward swing, go the opposite direction he’s swinging.

  2. It seems good boss fighting strategy is heavily tied to staggering them. Try weapons with good stagger. The default sword is good, I know some people like the bazooka over melee. I basically perma staggered him with by adding one more shoulder rocket to the left shoulder. Assault rushed his face whenever my rockets and sword were off cooldown.
    Actual fight tips? try to hold all your big stagger moves to release at the same time.
    And just because some people don’t realize, the sword can be swung more than once.
    Hope this helps

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