ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Fix for Deadzone and for Controllers Not Working Issues

How to Fix Deadzone and Controllers Not Working Issues

  • Exiting the game without the menu leaves the game in a semi running state. If you modify the profile in this state it seems like it may be what causes the gamepads to stop working. If this happens, close Steam and restart it. After that the gamepads should work again.
  • To improve deadzones, edit the official steam profile for armored core, and reduce the deadzone value to 0. This reduces the deadzone from around 18000 to 13000. However the game inherently applies deadzone within the game itself.
  • Toggle advanced deadzone functions, and increase anti-deadzone. A value of 10000 worked perfectly for me, removing the deadzone entirely and allowing for small movements. This may vary based on your controller.

Bonus Tip


  • Both Sticks
  • Custom Deadzone
  • 8 – 88 Range
  • Anti-Deadzone Advanced Setting: Around 5700

It feels REALLY nice and there are no drift issues. So much more responsive. It’s weird they launched the game with the bad deadzones.

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