Dark Souls: Remastered – How to Deal with the Four Kings Lvl 67

Tips to Beat Four Kings Lvl 67

  • Stand right next to them, so that when they swing, they hit you with the handle of the sword, rather than the blade.
  • It does much less damage. Build up your poise, and then trade blows with them and heal when necessary.
  • As soon as you drop into the abyss cast power within and munch on some green blossom, have the grass crest shield on your back and the cloranthy ring on to have max stamina regen.
  • Put on your heaviest, tankiest armor. Likely Havels. Don’t even try to roll, you won’t need to.
  • Equip your strongest weapon and 2 hand it.
  • Run right up to every king as they spawn, and spam R1. I
  • Heal only when absolutely necessary, the fight is a DPS race. Don’t exhaust your stamina bar fully as you get a penalty for stamina regen if you do, and good luck.
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