Xenonauts 2 – How Do the Armor and Shield Mechanics Work

Explanation of the Armor and Shield Mechanics

Shield Mechanic

The shield in Xenonauts 2 functions just like in Xenonauts 1. It starts off with 80 HP and loses HP with each direct hit.

Armor Mechanic

Armor mechanics seem a bit more complex. Weapons possess two key attributes: armor piercing and armor damaging. Armor, on the other hand, has something called hardened resistance. When you’re hit by an attack, the damage you take is based on the weapon’s power, which is a random value ranging from 50 to 150% of its base power, adjusted by distance.

The amount of damage that your armor blocks depends on the weapon’s armor piercing value subtracted from your armor’s hardened resistance. The armor itself takes damage in this process, which in turn reduces its effectiveness for subsequent hits.

This is similar to what we had in Xenonauts 1, just refined.

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