Xenonauts 2 – Tactics Tips

Tactics Guide

You will lose soldiers regularly, especially if you are not accustomed with the gameplay which can be hardcore sometimes. You can absolutely finish missions with no deaths, but you have to be extra cautious, have good tactics and positioning, and of course decent gear.

In Xenonauts, many advanced players would only play Heavy.

I’m more balanced, and my team composition is usually:

  • 1x Shield (high TUs), loaded with grenades and no weapon. His role is to scout and protect.
  • 2x Assaults (high TUs and Reflexes), they are the front line, and cover dangerous angles.
  • 1x Mars, expensive, but an excellent scout with some good punch when needed
  • 1x Sniper (high Accuracy), they cover long open areas. Try to put them on high-ground
  • 1x Heavy (high Strength), to support infantry with suppression fires
  • everything else are Riflemen, use them in overwatch to cover the progression of your Assaults

People underestimate Reflexes and the TUs reserve at the end-of-turn. These are very powerful tools.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend save scumming; it makes the game slow and tedious. Losing soldiers isn’t that punishing. A soldier doesn’t cost much, and the gear is often more important than the stats themselves. So, as long as you aren’t losing the war, continue and improve your tactics.

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