Xenonauts 2 – Beginners Tips

Useful Tips for Newcomers

Play the tutorial first as it helps a lot.

Kneeling makes you a smaller target and helps your aim too. Get in the habit of having people kneel whenever you have the Time Units to spare.

Move from cover to cover and think about what direction the enemy is coming or shooting from as you want something between you and it to block shots or hide you from view. Sometimes you are in cover, but the direction the enemy is firing from means it’s not working as you hoped now or it’s only partial so you can be hit.

End your turns with your men positioned with cover so that you are not leaving them with no TUs and left in the open.

Overwatch is useful and can really help if you can afford to have one or more with some points left. You can use it speculatively or you can use it when you are pretty sure someone is going to charge you, get flushed out, etc. It’s not a must every round or for every soldier, use it when you think it will help.

Move your people in groups so that you are attacking that one enemy you find with multiple soldiers and can bring it down fast (maybe even before it can return fire) to stop it turning into a tit for tat for multiple rounds that can kill you.

Don’t be shy about using explosives or grenades on the battlefield against the aliens or cleaners. They are cheap and fun (plz no raid atf, I mean in the game). Stunning an enemy and removing its movement points if there’s any risk of shooting back at you is useful as it is a cheap attack with a good chance of hitting one or more enemies and will keep you safe from return fire. Sometimes a grenade can hit or damage someone when a shot can’t.

Remember the usefulness of the weapons outside of the rifles. Shotguns if you’re in range for them are really powerful and will drop someone fast. Sniper rifles and the machine gun both are good at adding in some heavy hitting at long range. The machine gun also adding some nice suppression even if you don’t kill the enemy (and thus reducing the ability for an enemy to return fire if they do survive). Having one of these on the ship can help depending on how you play. Shields are there to take the hit or opportunity shot.

Use your medkits after someone gets hit. It will stop them bleeding to death and it will restore HPs, both will make the difference in survival.

Make sure your guys are wearing the best armor you can give them and you can add the add on armor plates to help too.

Try to avoid blasting at enemies with tiny percentage chances to hit if it serves you no purpose and instead move into a place you can hit them or do some other move.

You can use the high explosive package to destroy the enemy cover protecting them, blow open walls and destroy barriers that are stopping you from seeing and shooting at an enemy and can even damage them in the process if they are right behind the wall when it goes off.

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