Xenonauts 2 – Cheat Commands

Tired of searching through all the lists of cheats? Then this is the right for you! This is a simple, straightforward and easy to read guide to cheats for the Xenonauts 2 game. Have fun!

How to Enable Cheat Mode

  • In the Library, right click Xenonauts 2 then select properties.
  • Click “Set launch options…”
  • Add “-cheatmode” then enter / click ok.
  • Start the game!

Note: There are similar ways to change the launch parameters and add the cheatmode if you play from GOG or other platforms.

Cheat Commands

  • Ctrl+Alt+V to auto-win a mission.
  • T to replenish the TU of selected unit.
  • Y to teleport the selected unit to where your mouse cursor is.
  • K destroys or kills where your mouse cursor is.
  • U to heal your soldier *.
  • R to reload weapon without consuming magazines.
  • Shift+T to get 1000 TU.
  • Shift+U to gives 1000 HP to the soldier.

* If you use U on a dead soldier, it will resurrect (not during the mission, but you’ll see the portrait has HP again) and be available for the following mission. Dead troops won’t be listed in the mission report.

Money Cheat

  • Open C:\Users\”username”\Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\Saves
  • Open save file using any text editor.
  • Search for the money value, then change it to the value you one.

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