Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Get Wrack and Ruin Value

Wrack and Ruin Value

A lot of people still don’t believe Wrack and Ruin are worth the slot, but I think it’s BiS (Best in Slot).

Just in case you are on the outside looking in, W&R hits everything in a 4 meter radius of a BB’d elite or special with soulfire (like the Psyker ult that melts the screen) but instead of waiting 30 seconds for an ult charge you can just do it again and again and again.

The secret is: the harder your mission the more value you get out of it. More stacked elites means more chances to stack SF.

I hope this info is useful, think about it next time you are BB’ing a Crusher surrounded by hordes, or even other elites.

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  1. its just too situational for me , saw you make this post on fatshark forums and as i hadnt specced that way this year i thought give it a go. didnt get the right map with narrow packed corridors , and didnt get a team that would leave elites alive long enough

    i think i got the proc on 4 mobs in the entire run. and unfortunately on damnation a full 4 stacks of soul blaze left for 10 seconds only brings a poxwalker down to 40% health it achieved nothing of any note 😉

    at lower difficulties where soulblaze might actually do enough damage to kill anything and a premade could be good, but too reliant on the stars lining up to work for me as a pugger.

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