Melvor Idle – How to Get Died to a Plant Achievement

Died to a Plant Achievement Guide

Achievements in this game and only a few other games I have played don’t activate upon actively playing the game.

To get your achievement awarded, you don’t even need to exit the game, at the top right where you can find the Force Save Button, then to the right of that, your “File/Character Name with a down arrow”, click that and select Select Character, this will take you back to the character select screen aka all your various different saves if you have any others, then simply selecting the file/character that died to the plant, load it and your achievement should be awarded.

Of course though, you’ll also need to make sure you’re playing on Standard Mode, as that’s specifically what the achievement says in the achievement list, that and I doubly made sure to check a Hardcore Character and wasn’t awarded the achievement by dying to the plant, even though I already knew it said Standard, just making sure.

Most people assume you need to exit the game entirely then load it back up, which is not the case, but you can if you want, all works the same, just character select would be much faster of course.

I suppose I should mention, just in case they plan on adding more achievements later, they have always said that achievements would be Retroactive, meaning you’ll be awarded them if you’ve already achieved them before the update was life and you had progress towards them already complete.

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