Princess & Conquest – Starting Tips

Beginner Tips for Newcomers

To recruit a Princess, you need to impregnate them so they have a heir or rescue them if their Reign is under siege. Shorty Special makes any love making result in guaranteed pregnancy, unless you have the Family Jewels accessory equipped. Once the heir is born, you can visit the Princess at night and have them elope with you.

Just a general tip, try and get all the special Knight Costumes and gear you can from Clocktown. Talk to the Tinkerer north of the bank and give her Cogs. You can find those every in-game day at the Ancient Battlefield in Golem Reign.

The Cucco Wings (which grant the Knight flight) need Cogs and a Cucco Tailfather. You can get that from the Cucco in the Forest north of the fallen Kobold Reign. It may not always drop it, but it respawns fairly often, so check it!

The Latern needs a Mermaid Tear, which can be found in the Deep Merk within Mermaid Reign. It makes it easier to see deep underwater.

The Cucco Plume extends flight time, and you need the Feather of a Queen Cucco for it. The Queen spawns in the Party Popper Forest in the Kingdom Above.

Moonlight Cloak is found in Ghost Reign, sold by Merchant Princess. To revive Ghost Princess, you’ll need a Filled Princess Urn. You can find one in the abandoned tower near Rabbit reign. Visit a few times, but I wouldn’t go upstairs on your first play through…

You can get the Shadow Scarf via a quest. To start it, go to Clocktown at night and talk to the Cat outside the Rattlestein bank.

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