Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Bulvark Bypass Advice

Hello, Veterans. Do you find yourself plagued by the problem that is a thin metal sheet carried by the horrid scourge called a “Bulwark”? Well, I have some advice for you today!

Tips to Bypass Bulvark


Two guns bypass this. Boltgun and Plasmagun.

Plasmagun straight up ignores the shield, you can easily 2-3 shot a bulwark with a plasmagun and it carries the added benefit of ploughing through bosses and anything armoured.

Boltgun staggers the Bulwark, buying you and allies valuable time to hit that thing in the head while the shield is off to the side.

Don’t have a boltgun or plasmagun, didn’t bring, or don’t want to use those guns? That’s fine! Here’s my advice:

  • Dodge slide backwards. No, seriously. Let that karker take a swing at you, dodge back and aim for the head. Depending on the gun this should make it stagger in one or a few shots, buying you more than enough time even on Damnation to kill that thing.
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