Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Beat Trappers

Tips to Resist Trappers

  • Nets are not that hard to dodge, as long as youre not in an very restrictive hallway (which I might add there are a bunch).
  • There even is a district sound when he is about to launch an net, if you hear it and dodge to the left or right (without something blocking your dodge) youre fine and wont get snatched.
  • Surrounded by a mob? Well duh its not easy to dodge it. You could say the same about the mutant, sniper, bomber and any other special really in that case.
  • Trapper nets can be discarded really quick (maybe 2-3 seconds).
  • As a veteran you got a nade (or your gun).
  • As a psyker, you got your ult and headpop and your gun.
  • As Zealot, you got your nade and ult (to either dash into him for a kill, or get the hell away).
  • As ogryn, you got your very large melee range, your ult, and your gun (any gun can stagger him).

He does have an confusing spawn-sound so its difficulty to hear him spawn at times (the flamer has an electic clicking sound when he spawns, which sould be the trapper sound but oh well).

Multiple trappers? Well ofc they can screw an team up bad. Just like any double special really. Double sniper? oh god. Double Bomber? say bye to shields. double Mutant? Hope you have a lot of DPS.

If you want an trapper to be less useful, stay with your team more closely and if you hear him spawn keep your CC abilities (ult, nade, gun) ready to deal with him. If you see him, let it rip and get him down.

He is not fully quiet, he does talk a lot about “adding another to the collection”. A matter of just playing more games and watching out for what his noises, voicelines and spawn sounds are,

A lot of specials have a situation where they are just absolutely annoying as all hell.

Mutant near ledges. Dog/trapper in hordes. Flamer when youre in a corner or hallway. Gunner in open fields, shotgunner focusing on shooting you. Bomber when he camps behind out of bounce cover. Sniper when you are busy with anything and cant find cover.

Its just part of how their kit works with the game.

For short on what to improve:

  • Stay more with the team to avoid hordes surrounding you.
  • Learn his noises (voicelines while he walks, spawn-in sound, the sound the net makes before it gets launched to dodge it).
  • Learn what you can do against him before he even gets a chance to snatch you (keep ready your ult, gun or grenade to CC him so he cant snatch you or outright kill him)

There will be situations ofc where you simply cant do anything like that about the trapper, but there are still 3 other dudes that can (potentially) do something. And if a single trapper catches your whole team, then you all need to just be more aware of the surroundings, it takes him 2 seconds once he saw someone to shoot him then up to 2 seconds to pull in his target and 5 seconds to recover. thats a lot of time.

Important note: I only mean a single trapper in this scenario, not multiple! in case that was missed.

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