Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Heavyweight Penance Tips

This tips is about how to get the heavyweight penance done for the ogryn.

Tips to Heavyweight Penance

Just solo it on damnation with the shield, ping pong between corners and keep pushing in further. You’ll get Gone Bowling the same way.

It’s honestly way easier than some of the earlier ones like Friends Will Be Friends (encourages really strange and inefficient gameplay).

Once you’ve gotten a grasp on how to get Heavyweight solo, then you’ll be able to easily do the same thing to get “Don’t Stop Me Now!” on Heresy with 3 bots, but here you will bring a Grenadier/Rumbler and grenade a couple Crushers / Ragers from range without killing any, Bull Rush into them, kill them for Active refresh, and Bull Rush out.

Unlike Heavyweight though, this Bull Rush penance can happen very easily in normal gameplay if you equip that trait. Heavyweight is a lot rarer since someone has to intentionally pull 2 or more groups of Ogryns and also not kill them quickly, which doesn’t really happen in normal Damnation play.

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