Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – How to Beat the First New Map at the Final Stage

Tips to Beat the First New Map at the Final Stage

Run around and lift the lift blocking the second spot so you have 2 routes to choose from. The spawns will do a left right deal so if you see the spawns on the stairs you should be able to run over to the second area and get up before having to deal with any mobs.

You need 1 person over by the respawn to thin mobs and then specials spawn in the hallways mostly to the right of the respawn hall you need a second person thereish with vision of both you keep them thinned out with mobs. The third helps the fourth place the barrel. The barrel holder ideally would have stealth so ranger or shade or something like footknight.

The reason for the first 2 is if plague rats spawn the person in the respawn hall should be able to clear the repsawn halls mob spawn very fast and the second person can literally just dodge backwards as needed to get near them assuming they dont shoot what needs to be shot first. The ratling gunners spawn far enough into the 2 side halls that you can kite to the side a little to clean mobs first and not get hit. It also gives you vision of most of the high ground while maintianing access to the respawn spots.

I call it the respawn hall with stairs no idea if it actually has a name.

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