ULTRAKILL – Tips for Fighting Insurrectionist and Mindflayer Same Time

How to Fight Insurrectionist and Mindflayer Same Time


If there’s one Mindflayer and you can’t instakill it in time get the Mindflayer away from the arena, screwdriver it to paralyse its teleportation, then use a weapon that can set the Insurrectionist on fire like the overheat nailgun and try to kill it as quick as possible. You’ll need to be quick as the screwdriver only lasts 14 seconds, but by then the Mindflayer will be nearly dead. Be sure to kill Vitures first if there are many of them.

If there’s multiple Mindflayers, try to instakill at least one via overpump explosion, then clear out as many enemies that shoot lots of projectiles (eg malicious faces) and other special enemies, especially sanded enemies. Then focus on killing the Mindflayers while using dash to avoid the damage of the insurrectionist via iframes while killing the Mindflayers. Then set the insurrectionist on fire and kill asap, while trying to keep hard damage above 40% of your health. The Insurrectionists and Mindflayers can kill you in one hit if your hard damage reaches 70% of your health or more.

If you’re an unfortunate soul who got their Insurrectionist sanded, then you’ll have to focus much more on keeping other enemies alive like the Mindflayers to heal while killing it. I recommend dashing away from the Insurrectionist’s attacks while using powerful weapons and setting him on fire, because bumping into him prematurely ends your dash Iframes.

Generally, you can also fly away from the arena on a rocket to stay away and heal hard damage. I recommend learning instaride tech.

Insurrectionist’s Attacks

As for the rock death traps, you’ll have to listen to audio cues, specifically the parry cue, and dash about half a second after it or during the attack, otherwise your iframes won’t be enough to dodge it. Jumping off the platform is a bad idea and this is why you should kill the Mindflayers first to maximise your movement area.

For other special spawn waves, I recommend going in this order:

  • Prioritise Idol (obviously) > Virtue > Mindflayer > Sentry > Insurrectionist

In conclusion, you’ll want to dash as much as possible to avoid all damage and rocket ride away to heal hard damage if you have more than 25% of health, doing so with less is risky especially if Mindflayers are chasing you. Dash through the shockwaves of Insurrectionist and Cerberi stomps, Dash when you hear Insurrectionist’s parry cue to avoid the attack, manage stamina etc. Setting fire to insurrectionist makes it take 30% more damage and bleeds a lot more, screwdriving mindflayers and burning insurrectionists is a good idea, do not dash off the arena.

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