Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Potion Slots and Weapon Sets Explained

Potion Slots and Weapon Sets


Inventory -> potions -> click the potion you want -> chose seperate slots -> ingame press and hold each key to insert the respective potion (the shortcuts do not work for me).

  • “E” for the frist slot, a radial menu appears select what you want.
  • “Q” for the 2nd slot, a radial menu appears select what you want.

Again…press and hold the key.

You cannot however put the same kind/type of potion in both slots. like putting health potions in both slots doesn’t work, for obvious reasons.


You only got 2 different weapon-sets:

  • Set 1 left and right hand.
  • Set 2 left and right hand.

To be either filled by two 1-handed options (torch, weapon, shield) or a single 2-handed weapon.

For example set 1 beeing a claymore, set 2 beeing a scimitar and a torch.

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