ULTRAKILL – Tips to Use Nailgun and Rocket Launcher

Nailgun and Rocket Launcher Tips


  • Chip off malicious faces from a midrange distance (remember to throw a magnet on them).
  • Let you ignite husk enemies like insurrectionists and whatever with the overheat.
  • Can be used to get the + conductor bonus by shooting the electric railcannon at an enemy that was damaged by nails, but its sorta bad.

Rocket Launcher

  • Best use of rocket launcher is to do the pboost+rl alternate combo to ensure reliable and consistent midrange damage (just projectile boost, then switch to any rocket launcher, shoot, then switch back to the shotgun and projectile boost, so on so forth).


  • Whiplash a light enemy (any enemy that is pulled to you via whiplash) and shoot rocket so that the enemy gets airshot 100% of the time because the enemy is considered airborne while whiplashed.
  • Use srs cannon to deal devastating damage to big targets and cerberuses especially because of their vulnerability to the srs boulder.
  • Srs is a projectile explosive that moves fast and isnt affected by gravity so its good at mindflayer instakills too.
  • If you can bait a group of enemies into being on a certain spot for long enough, you can use the freezeframe rocket launcher to freeze and then shoot some rockets so that the rockets that spent 1+ seconds in freeze get supercharged and cause the airshot explosion to always happen as long as they hit an enemy.
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