ULTRAKILL – Useful Tips for Fighting Guttertanks

I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about how hard it is to heal when fighting the guttertanks, something I’ve struggled with myself, but I found out a very useful, consistent, and less risky way to heal during guttertank encounters.

How to Fight Guttertanks


Parry their landmines. When fighting them for the first time you may have noticed the landmines scattered on the field. In regular encounters they lean down to place these mines. Wait for the guttertanks to make some distance between them and the mines, walk up to the mines, then parry them with the feedbacker.

You will not only heal easily from the mines, they also produce a much more powerful explosion after parrying. Bear in mind that this tip is more applicable for when guttertanks are the only enemies active during fights. In bigger arenas with guttertanks you can just use other enemies to heal.

Another Good Tips

Attach magnets to guttertanks. That causes their rockets to explode near them, unless frozen.

When frozen, you can instakill a guttertank by just briefly hopping on its missile.

You can not only freeze their own rockets, you can also put a magnet on them to make their rocket basically deaccelerate and explode infront of it instead of right next to you. Sadly you cant make it be hit by its down rocket with enough magnets

Even better, if you somehow ride their rocket into them, they’ll be instakilled with an unique style bonus.

I hope this tip will prove useful for people struggling with these enemies.

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