RimWorld – How to Defend Against/Beat Mechanoids

Tips to Defend Against/Beat Mechanoids

  • Dont engage them at range. they have more and will beat you. Get in close so your shots always hit.
  • Get walls and doors up, as they turn the corner have an EMP grenade ready to pop. This will stun them for a little while. this is your chance to unload. If your safe to step out from your cover do so. a stunned mechanoid isnt shooting back and you want this alpha strike to hurt.


  • After the emp stun wears off they will be immune to another stun for a few seconds. So take cover and weather the storm. With luck you delt enough damage to manipulation and sight that there accuracy is horrible now.
  • Throwing EMP after EMP on the same mechanoid has no ill effect and will not make the stun go away faster or make them immune longer.
  • If its a cluster your dealing with, the turrets are blind to Smoke, get a smoke launcher and move in the smoke. the turrets will not beable to fire up-on you.
  • If you have a psycast, powers like skip and becken are great for pulling mechs into emp grenades and getting them out in the open.
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